Infiltrated.net is a personal domain maintained by myself Jesus Oquendo. I no longer maintain any security blogs as time to do so, is no longer available. Any writings (or ramblings as I call them) found here will generally deal with security related matter. Some are technical, others are not. For those wondering who I am, I am a professional security engineer, slash security architect, slash security antagonizer. I have over 14 years professional information security experience and work at a managed service provider somewhere on the East Coast.

I’ve written a couple of articles here and there, discovered a couple of bugs here and there, I have been mentioned in a couple of books here and there. I always try to maintain a non-biased, speak what’s on your mind, approach to security. Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to learn from many individuals in this industry, enough to fill a list which would be similar to an “Oceans Eleven” of hackers, CSO’s, CTO’s, pentesters, auditors, analysts and forensics experts. I have also tried to give back to the community whenever possible, whether it is via way of an open source script, an explanation of security, etc., what goes around comes around.

For the past half decade I have purposely jumped on the “certification” bandwagon as even I USED to call it. My current fixation on certifying has to do with me wanting to test MYSELF, nothing more. Not once throughout my career have I needed a certification during an interview. In the past I have worked at IBM as a security contractor, Starmedia during the dotcom daze, Metromedia Fiber – via way of SiteSmith, Register.com, Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), an ISP, a University and so on and so on. Altogether I have 19 years IT experience, 14 focused strictly on security. Certifications I currently hold: C|EH, CHFI, CPT, OSCP, SGFA, SGFE, RWSP, and GREM. I have 10+ years CCIE studies however, I have never fully dedicated myself to taking the exam as I try to avoid getting stuck in a vendor specific role.

For those looking to contact me you can do so via e-mail: joquendo at $THISDOMAIN. If you’re looking for my 2011 PGP key, you can find it here. http://www.infiltrated.net/