Infiltrated.net is a personal domain that I use for a few things that interest me, namely security. The first of which is the VoIP Abuse Project. The project’s goal is an attempt to minimize abuse for administrators and operators that that have publicly accessible PBX’s. As a security architect at a managed service provider, one of the services my company provides is VoIP; Managed Trunks, Managed VoIP Based PBX’s (VoIP in the Cloud), Calling Card Platforms, SIP trunks, etc. Throughout the course of a business day, I got tired of seeing VoIP based brute force attempts so I decided to out the companies who sit around and choose to do nothing about attacks coming from their networks. As a courtesy I often take the time out of my work day to write constant emails to abuse and security desks which go nowhere almost 99.99999% of the times.

In an effort to make other companies that have PBX servers online, aware of the attackers, I began posting the information including address and email correspondence from those companies. So if your company is listed here, it is listed here for a reason. I try to include all correspondence that I have with companies including the emails I have sent to them to keep things in perspective and honest. If a company believes their information is here unfairly, I will gladly investigate the matter and correct it, however, if you are listed here, you likely deserve to be. Clean up your network. These attacks cost money at the end of the day and you wouldn’t like it if my servers attacked your company because of my negligence and lack of due diligence in reading abuse e-mail.

Cyberwarfare – or as I like to call it, electronic warfare. There are a few documents I have written concerning this topic. My perspective comes from that of an engineer slash penetration tester slash network/systems architect. Because I have a bit of experience with compromising networks on a professional level, I can infer and interpret attacks. Because I have incident response and forensics experience, I can deduct what occurred. With these two variables in place, I try to explain in an alternative fashion what others might not recognize via standard analysis’. In interpreting what has occurred, how it may have occurred, I try to give a “Devil’s Advocate” approach and if that fails, a “Devil’s Devils Advocate” approach. There are multiple views and nothing simply black and white.

Coding slash exploitaition – Not a popular topic with me in fact I would rather simply find bugs on my spare time rather than make it a full time job. Tools of choice vary from Peach Fuzzer, ComRaider, SpikeFuzz, Protos, Klocwork Architect, WinDBG, PaiMei. This is nothing more than a hobby.