This year (2013) I entered the DC3 Forensics Challenge, as I have most years since 2009 or so. In previous years, I used the challenges to teach myself techniques with regards to analyzing data. Whether it was disk images, mobile, data reconstruction, packet analysis. Most times I had never submitted any of the challenges, this year however, I did. I managed to finish within the top eight percent out of 1,039 individuals in the challenge, placed at #84. Initially I was disappointed with myself. I had 3 submissions that I did not submit, and started the challenges late, so bonus points were lost. I had wanted to at least make the top 25, but nevertheless, I finished at #84. After receiving permission from DC3, I decided to post some of my results here for others in the industry to see. For other students, and hobbyists to analyze, the who, what, when, where and hows, I used to go about dissecting the challenges. The tools and techniques I used.

This will be sort of a section dedicated to forensic puzzles solved. Be they packet analysis’, data analysis’, file carving, or other. I am hoping whomever stumbles upon this section, finds the information useful.