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Dozens of hundreds of years ago, I used to seek out the best of best regarding computer security. I sought them out to read the material they wrote. This went from BBS text files, to forums, IRC over to blog posts. Anything these folks may have made, videos they may uploaded with regards to security, you name it. I did so because this is how I began to learn computer security. Initially, I was intimidated by security folks, but eventually I learned, many are not only the smartest thinkers, but they’re funny, they’re cool, and most of all they’re human.

As time went on, I began contacting some of them, asking them questions, secretly being mentored by their answers, posts to mailing lists, and so forth. My “digital rolodex” grew, as did my knowledge. As an individual, I have an odd-ball sense of humor. Sort of dry, sort of dark. I then began asking off the cuff questions in an interview format to these peers. This all began circa 1997… And now its back to haunt my security peers since I became the most awesomest, handsomest, and feared thirteen thirty sevener since┬áThomas A. Anderson